Our Core Values

“Centered in Jesus Christ,
We grow in faith,
Celebrate community,
and Serve others with love.”

The four parts of our Core Values are the center of what we do here at Asbury.

Centered in Jesus Christ

As we consider the ways in which we can grow in our understanding of God and our faith; when we invest time and energy into building relationships within the church and towards the community; and, when we live out our faith in practical, hands-on ways by serving others with love: we must connect each of those expressions and efforts to our devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ.

We grow in faith

We at Asbury United Methodist Church look to our faith, our awareness of God, as a way to find wholeness and well being in life. For us, growing in faith is not so much about memorizing doctrines or creeds or church rules. Growing in faith is an on-going journey. It’s about asking questions, reading Scripture, asking more questions. Growing in faith is about sharing our questions and experiences with others, and listening to others as well. Growing in faith is about doing the hard work of asking: What do I believe about God? Christ Jesus? Why am I here? Why does suffering and evil happen?

We celebrate community

Community is celebrated here at Asbury as we focus on building relationships in groups and settings small and large. There is a shared experience which happens when faithful disciples gather to sing, pray, worship, eat, serve and fellowship. With Christ at the center of our spiritual lives, we, like the early disciples and countless believers ever since, are built up into being the Body of Christ in this place. We laugh and weep together, we serve one another and those outside the congregation together, we share in the challenges and successes of building new buildings, starting new ministries, creating new mission programs.

We serve others with love

As followers of Jesus Christ, we take seriously the instructions he gave us: the most important thing to do in life is to love God, and love others (Mark 12: 28-31). In fact, we think these two things (loving God and loving others) are closely related. We cannot really do one, without doing the other. At Asbury, we actively engage in serving one another in love.