Why United Methodists Support Labor Unions

Jan 22, 2023    Pastor Kathy La Point-Collup

Pastors: Kathy La Point-Collup and Heather Hammer

Worship Leader: Steve Wilson

Musician: Fernanda Van Atta

Children’s Moment: Patty Baker

Audio Visual and Live Streaming: Cameron David and Ange Picone

Worship Slides: Michele Rudd and Alaina Harrison

Scripture Lesson: Isaiah 54:17; James 5:1-6 (New Revised Standard Version, Updated Version)

Silent Meditation: “We believe in the right and duty of persons to work for the glory of God and the good of themselves and others and in the protection of their welfare in so doing...” – United Methodist Social Creed

You may wish to have a candle ready to light as we light the Christ candles in the Sanctuary.