Spiritual Reflections on Palestine

Sep 18, 2022    Rev. Michael Yoshii

Pastors: Kathy La Point-Collup and Brad Biggerstaff
Guest Preacher: Rev. Michael Yoshii
Worship Leader: Ruth Hawley
Musician: Fernanda Van Atta
Children’s Moment: Ruth Hawley
Audio Visual and Live Streaming: Chuck Campos and Tim Ackerman
Worship Slides: Michele Rudd and Alaina Harrison

Scripture Lesson: John 1:32-39 (New Revised Standard Version)

Silent Meditation: “Our hope remains strong, because it is from God. God alone is good, almighty and loving and His goodness will one day be victorious over the evil in which we find ourselves...” — Kairos Palestine

You may wish to have a candle ready to light as we light the Christ candles in the Sanctuary.