Good Friday Service

Apr 7, 2023

Pastors: Kathy La Point-Collup and Brad Biggerstaff 

Acolyte: Elijah V. 

Readers: Martie Muldoon, Bob Cowgill, Kyna McNaught, Maggie McNaught, Dave Braun, Larry Wiley 

Musician: Fernanda Van Atta 

Audio Visual and Live Streaming: 

Worship Slides: Michele Rudd and Alaina Harrison 

Silent Meditation: “Good Friday is not about us trying to get right with God. It is about us entering the difference between God and humanity and just touching it for a moment. Touching the shimmering sadness of humanity’s insistence that we can be our own gods, that we can be pure and all-powerful.” - Nadia Bolz-Weber 

You may wish to have a candle ready to light as we light the Christ candles in the Sanctuary.