Nothing is Impossible: #MorePeace

Dec 4, 2022    Pastor Kathy La Point-Collup

Pastors: Kathy La Point-Collup and Brad Biggerstaff

Worship Leader: Cal Wood

Song Leader: Faith Choir

Piano/Organ: Fernanda Van Atta

Children’s Moment: Pastor Brad Bigger Staff

Prayer Leader: Rev. Alaina Harrison

Communion Servers: Edie Lamb, Mick Lamb, Nora Hart, Martie Muldoon, Patti Arnold, Tim Arnold, Cal Wood

Audio Visual and Live Streaming: Chuk Campos and Ange Picone

Worship Slides: Michele Rudd and Alaina Harrison

Scripture Lesson: Luke 1:26-56 (New Revised Standard Version, Updated Edition)

Silent Meditation: “When we come to the acceptance stage, when we accept what is, we are able to use our energy to live into the “what’s next”. Instead of waiting for things to be more peaceful, we can also become the ones to offer more peace.”

You may wish to have a candle ready to light as we light the Christ candles in the Sanctuary.