Haiti Mission Program

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

We are pleased to report that our Haiti efforts, known as the Thomas Food Project, are going well. We are now operating at six schools. Each school has four to ten computers, clean water filtration and storage and solar generated power. We periodically provide ongoing teacher training, new software and additional classroom teaching aids. Two schools have an ongoing lunch program, feeding about 400 students per week.

In addition to our core program, we have provided the following recently:
  • Facility construction and upgrades, including a new playground at one of our schools
  • Solar powered street lights at two schools
  • Community outreach: clean water, adult literacy classes and computer basics classes
  • Water filtration systems to other Haiti sites, like orphanages and mission groups.

Our near term priorities include:
          Adding sponsorship of at least one additional school
         Expanding the lunch program to one additional school
         Introducing low cost clean water filtration to nearby communities
         Expanding our community education classes at each current school
        Adding potential use of solar powered equipment, like baking ovens

We welcome your prayers and encouragement, your financial support and direct involvement in our work both here in the US and in Haiti. For more information, contact Steve Elliott or the church office.